Projects & Energy

Kamal & Associates’ experience in projects and energy spans back to 2007, when the firm advised the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Investment Fund on the multibillion dollar Gaza Marine Gas Project. The project involved a deal that the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Investment Fund were negotiating with then British Gas (BG) and CCC. The deal involved the extraction and sale of natural gas from the Palestinian natural gas field offshore Gaza, which is believed to include around 1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

Throughout that process, Kamal & Associates participated in lengthy negotiations, advised the client, liaised with relevant stakeholders, consulted with the regulatory authority, reviewed and revised agreements and provided high level as well as detailed advice to the client on this national project. Furthermore, Managing Partner Rasem Kamal travelled to London on multiple occasions to discuss and advance different aspects of the cross border deal. The knowledge, skills and expertise that Kamal & Associates accumulated throughout that process in oil and gas deals is unparalleled in the Palestinian legal market.

In 2014, Kamal & Associates led a team of local law firms advising a local power generation company on a multibillion dollar gas sale and purchase agreement that was signed with a number of regional companies. The team conducted an in-depth analysis of the agreement, and advised the client on its obligations pursuant thereof.

Since 2016, Kamal & Associates’ focus on energy law has substantially increased. Our firm has been providing ongoing legal advice for local and international companies in the fields of oil and gas, electricity, development of electric power generation plants as well as renewable and sustainable energy.