Start-up and Venture Capital

Kamal & Associates is the lead Palestinian law firm in advising startup companies and entrepreneurs. Our advice includes recommending the best corporate structure to the client, incorporating the company (if a company is chosen), advising on the most tax efficient structure, providing intellectual property right (IPR) related services, providing post-formation services (such as legal advice on contracts, employment law, landlord tenant matters…etc.), and advice on aspects relating fund raising. Furthermore, attorneys from our law firm are often invited to give training and talks to young entrepreneurs on legal related issues that entrepreneurs need to know about.

Venture capital is attracting increasing attention in Palestine. Most lawyers in Palestine, unfortunately, do not possess the knowledge and skills necessary to advise either side of the deal. Kamal & Associates does! Not only do we understand the legal aspects of it, but given our unique and intimate understanding of the VC cycle, we are the best law firm positioned to add significant value to the client.